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Saturday, 4 May 2013

im sorry... again

Hey guys,
im sorry i left you again :(
but i have made a change to my blog !  you can now follow me through bloglovin' :D
i cant believe google reader is going so i would really appreciate is you now followed me through GFC and bloglovin' :)
its about time i showed you my easter nails!
i know its way past easter but you could use this idea next year, i really wanted to show you these because its my first time at free hand nail art :)
i started off with Barry m blueberry ice cream.
this is nearly a one coater but for my mani i used 2 coats :)

         i then painted on a bunny with acrylic paint !

 and on my thumb i wore one coat of Barry m amethyst glitter!
its a beautiful glitter with so many colours :D

i then removed this and redid it for easter because the acrylic paint was wearing away because i forgot to put topcoat on :( oops
the second time i posted a easter egg design on my nail with acrylic paint.
(i re-painted it all)

im so happy with my first attempt at freehand nail art :D
have a great day :D

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