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Saturday, 4 May 2013

im sorry... again

Hey guys,
im sorry i left you again :(
but i have made a change to my blog !  you can now follow me through bloglovin' :D
i cant believe google reader is going so i would really appreciate is you now followed me through GFC and bloglovin' :)
its about time i showed you my easter nails!
i know its way past easter but you could use this idea next year, i really wanted to show you these because its my first time at free hand nail art :)
i started off with Barry m blueberry ice cream.
this is nearly a one coater but for my mani i used 2 coats :)

         i then painted on a bunny with acrylic paint !

 and on my thumb i wore one coat of Barry m amethyst glitter!
its a beautiful glitter with so many colours :D

i then removed this and redid it for easter because the acrylic paint was wearing away because i forgot to put topcoat on :( oops
the second time i posted a easter egg design on my nail with acrylic paint.
(i re-painted it all)

im so happy with my first attempt at freehand nail art :D
have a great day :D


just a test
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Sunday, 3 March 2013

long time no blog


im sorry i left you all again :(
i did try to give you all a post in January but it didnt work
i do have a new years mani and a valentines day mani that i will post later but they are on my old memory card so i will have to find it first :)
oh and my friend sophie finally taught me how to take macro shots (woo) :D
this is two coats of china glaze-virtual violet. it dries really quickly but without topcoat this only lasted one day :( boo!
it is a purple colour with  a slight holographic colour which is hard to capture on camera.

(the silver particles are the holo particles) :)
have a nice day :) xx

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Essence Lime up!

its fair to say i love this colour more than i should
if i was to go into a shop to pick a nail polish colour this would certainly not be one i would go for, because its so bright and so... green :D
but this was given to me as a gift and i really like it
a lot
this is 2 coats of lime up!
these are all colour accurate because the colour looks different in different lighting :)

                                                                   have a great day  :)

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Barielle- secret encounter

this polish is amazing.
end of.
this is barielle secret encounter, i brought this as part of a box set in TX Maxx :)
this was 2 coats, great formula, just wow in a bottle
this is magic, and it has many sides it can be deep red or deep purple
normally it is purple with a red sheen
and sorry for being gone for so long, i turned 16 on the 3rd December and then my cat was put to sleep on monday :(((
 R.I.P Kryten xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 8 November 2012


 i know this is not cleaned up or anything but this was before i started cleaning up (or knew about it)
i really hate that there is bullying in the nail community :(
it really need to be stopped !!!
this was china glaze - virtual violet
sorry about the really  bad pic :L
(there is a whole load of people on a bar including me showing people against the bullyinh but i dont know how to put it up :( sorry xxx )
purple for no h8

Sunday, 28 October 2012


first of all sorry for the photos they were form my phone
these were inspired by ivana thinks pink nails which were inspired by another person

i love these they were so great
im going to try and remember the colours
purple-MUA love heart purple colour
pink- barry m flamingo ?
yellow- collection 2000 hot looks
indigo- essence passion for fashion
mint- color club (no name)
i really loved these :)