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Friday, 30 March 2012

blue bow

this is a quick post on a Mani i did agggggges ago and i forgot to post it because i didn't take the tight pictures and i got confused but here it is and i will tell you now the bow on the Mani kept falling off! i used nail glue and a topcoat but it still didn't work :(
here we go i think this was one coast but it was barry m blueberry icecream :)
after that i added i think was 2 coats of barry m aqua  blue which i got at the clothes show :) its is very sheer and it just adds a sparkle to any blue but its lush :) at first i hated it but now i love it. i did not take a picture with the bottle i put the bow on first so here it is :)

Sunday, 18 March 2012

good colour combo

hey guys,
here is a set of nails i did a while ago when me, my mum, my sister and my cousin went to a local Indian restraunt, again im not sure what nail varnish it is but i think its rimmel London 825 sky high or it could be 17 peacock or it could even be one i cant see in my nail varnish box but im pretty sure its rimmel. i happened to be wearing a bracelet that i though went really well with the nail varnish so that's why im holding it in the pictures. i also used white nail stickers from eBay (i love them)

i actually loved these nails and the white and blue together :D
thanks for reading

purple nails and niceee nail stickers :D

these next few posts i wont know the name of the nail varnishes because i didn't take pictures with the bottles because i didn't think i would be posting them for these nails i used a purple nail varnish and nail stickers from eBay :D

i never usually use the colorful nail stickers because they fall of quickly but these stayed on for days :D

Thursday, 8 March 2012

beauty uk purple

quite a while ago my mum bought me a nail varnish collection by beauty uk and the colors were lush, i used the purple and was really dissapointed :( i put one coat on and it was so sheer :( after about 4 coasts you got the right colour but i hate putting loads of coats on. to finish it off i put flower stickers on. on top of the flowers i put diamonds :D

as you can tell i couldn't get any clear photos :(

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

My first attempt at a blog and nail wraps

ive been reading a lot of blogs latetly and thought i would try one :D
a few weeks ago in half term i tried out nail wraps and they were lovely :D  they were so clear and bright :D
at first i didn't understand how to file them down but you tube is sooo helpful for that sort of thing :D
fir the pink and purple fingers i think i used barry m or it could have been rimmel ?