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Monday, 24 September 2012

mmmmm essence...

ooooh my love for essence will never end.
i need to tell you one thing to get things straight. you cannot get essence in the UK im only saying this because i get sick of people saying people in the UK are lucky to get essence, but we don't.
i went to Belgium on holiday for two weeks while they were changing there line so i didn't get any but a week later i went to Holland and they had the new line yesssssssss 
this is essence- the boy next door
two coats
this is your standard blue creme but i don't have one so i had to grab it :)
it was really hard to get colour accurate pictures but the first picture except the pointer is the most colour accurate
no idea if this has topcoat :) 

this is not colour accurate ^^
afterwards i stamped with essence nail art stampy polish in white using one of the cheeky plates CH16 :)

Look how long my nails were at the end of the holidays :/ ive had to cut them down for school cause they kept breaking
see ya next time xx

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