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Thursday, 2 August 2012

hello blog im back :D

i really have no excuse apart from im lazy and i had exams... im thinking of starting the blog back up again cause i still wear nail varnish all the time. i am also sorry for the spelling and the clean up jobs in my posts i suck at spelling and i diddnt know about clean up then :( ....but i do now :D

this is nails inc Jubilee crystal colour sorry about the unclear pictures but im working on my camera settings and i think its getting better. my next few posts are going to be old pictures so therefore they will be unclear. i think this was 3 coats and topcoat. it chipped really badly at drayton manor the next day but i think that was the topcoat :/ i would suggest layering it over another  colour so not to waste it :)

this one is blurred to see the holo goodness :D 

this is a great combo :D i really want the essence nail art twins and i managed to get nail art twins-edward off ebay. because i do not have bella i used rimmel 825 sky high. its a nice polish but i hate!!!! the brush on these polishes. oh well i loved this :D

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